One more thing…

Deneuve & Sagan sharing a cigarette on the set of La Chamade

I keep forgetting to do this and it’s been months, but I want to add this before I forget again. A while back I wrote a review about Sagan’s La Chamade and I briefly mentioned that the novel was turned into a movie that starred Catherine Deneuve. Anyway, a movie about this novel and starring Deneuve is way too good to pass off, so I went and rented it and watched it a while ago, and damn, it’s good. Really good.

The story is basically the same with missing details, which is to be expected, but it is wonderfully done. Deneuve does an incredible job as Lucile and I cannot imagine anyone else playing this character. She’s beautiful, she’s witty, she’s light-hearted, and she’s incredibly funny. I cannot emphasize how much I adored this film, the cinematography is fantastic, the acting is superb, and even the story translates beautifully into film. (Something to note, Sagan actually wrote the screenplay for this film – no wonder it’s so good! There is also a movie version of Bonjour Tristesse, however Sagan did not write the screenplay, which explains why so much is left to be desired)

So, check this movie out! You’ll love it, I promise.

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