Random Tidbits

I just tried updating this blog to make it look a little more snazzy. I think it looks a little better and hopefully, over time, I make this look semi-professional. For the time being, this will have to do.

On a side note, and not entirely having to do with book reviews I am going to attend my first book release party next week – very exciting! The party is for the upcoming book, Add More ~ing to your Life, which proves to be a pretty incredible book about making a better you for the new year. I’m very excited. Also, the author, Gabrielle Bernstein, is pretty awesome. She’s young, she’s perky, she’s intelligent, and she’s legit out there to help young women succeed in the world.

Here is her website if you want to check it out: http://www.addmoreing.com/

Also,  I found this a while back and I thought it was incredible. It’s a listing of all the outta sight libraries in the world so check it out: http://thisrecording.com/today/2009/6/10/in-which-i-always-imagined-that-paradise-would-be-a-kind-of.html

(I’m starting to think heaven could be a kick ass library)

So that’s all. Have a good Thursday!!

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